This project received an In-House Design Award from RGD in 2018 
The TRIUMF Five-Year Plan is the blueprint that defines TRIUMF’s vision and mission, communicates the lab’s goals and strategies, and lays out an action plan for the specified planning cycle and beyond. The content and layout aimed to inspire confidence, pride, and trust in Canadian scientific excellence. This document played a critical role in securing a historic level of funding from the Government of Canada in Federal Budget 2019.
Editor in Chief: Reiner Kruecken
Creative Director: Lisa Lambert   
Art Director and Lead Designer: Diana Castaneda
Content & Production Team: Jesse Abney, Angie Amlani, Jacob Berkowitz, Claudia Lau, Sean Lee, Melva McLean, Ian O’Neill, Carla Rodrigo, Stu Shepherd, Clare Walker
Contributing Designers: Aaron Campbell, Maria De La Guardia, Miguel Molina, Shirley Wu
Contributing Photographers: Sean Birch, Kirk Chantraine, Trisha Dickins, Rick Etkin, Paul Joseph, Billy Kwok, Roy Langstaff, Soleil Lapierre, Matthias Le Dall, Justin Lee, Michael Levy, Jon McRae, Cam Pearson, Suzanna Rushton
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