The TRIUMF History Minutes, are a series of animated videos 60 seconds long, that collated a number of different themes present across TRIUMF's history timeline: The origins of the laboratory, the Life Sciences program, and the importance of international collaborations.
Animation: Mario Forero 
Copywriting: Sean Lee, Carla Rodrigo, Stuart Shepherd,  
Creative and Art Direction: Diana Castaneda 
Illustration: Aaron Campbell, Mario Forero, Mustaali Raj
Graphic Design: Diana Castaneda 
Voice: Dianne Palmer
1. Celebrate TRIUMF’s legacy of excellence in science, the lab’s impact, and its international recognition. 
2. Connect with larger audiences with a piece of science communications, that is accessible to the general public, and represents accurately the lab's contribution to global science. 
1. Satisfaction: The internal community has expressed how they feel represented  in these TRIUMF History Minutes. 
2. Visibility: The laboratory community, our partner network, and the general public are now able to access short and engaging bits of TRIUMF’s history. 
3. Outreach: The content present in the videos will answer many of the FAQ that tour visitors have when they come to TRIUMF.
Thanks for watching!
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