Event print posters
In this free public lecture series hosted by TRIUMF at the Science World (Vancouver's primary science museum), research scientists from TRIUMF and around the world discuss the biggest mysteries and advances in science and physics today. The creative consultancy consisted in the design and production of promotional materials for print and web, as well as visual assets for the presentations.
Science content and presentation: Reiner Krueken, Monika Stachura, Stan Yen 
Script writing: Lisa Lambert, Carla Rodrigo, Stuart Shepherd 
Art Direction: Diana Castaneda 
Graphic Design: Diana Castaneda, Carla Rodrigo 
Event Production: Jesse Abney, Nicolas Zdunich 
Video Storytelling: AvoMedia (Lucas Kavanagh, Jesse Lupini) 
Images in presentations: creative commons, and custom made 
Art in poster of ‘The Record Keepers of the Universe’: Dhiya Abbas  
Hosted in partnership with Science World.
Unveiling the Universe 2018 was an accessible and exciting experience to our audiences. From improving the visual quality of the lecture assets to coaching speakers and iterating on the talk, TRIUMF's Communications team made great efforts to continuously improve this existing lecture series. The team also designed an intentionally holistic user experience (where attendees voluntarily contributed feedback and expressed their satisfaction).
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